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General Hire / Bookings

We offer a wide range of skip bin sizes starting from our smaller 2 cubic metre bins right through to our massive 12 cubic metre bins. We have a skip bin size to suit all types of situations, businesses or personal uses, and budget ranges.

For more information on our different bin sizes and dimensions, please visit our skip bin sizes page on our website or alternatively have read of our what is a skip bin blog post.

Unfortunately, we are not able to load the skip bin for you. Our hire service inclusions are only for skip bin hire and your waste disposal. Labour hire to load your rubbish into the skip bin is not available and we suggest you seek labour services independently. Our drivers are only available to deliver or collect your skip bin and are not required to assist with any heavy lifting, additional labour, or your requests outside of their normal service duties. Any assistance by our drivers, if offered, will be at their own discretion and is not advised.

Our services specialise in operating and hiring Marrel type skip bins only. We do not currently offer hook bin services for hire.

No, there are no weight limits. Freddy’s Skip Bins offers mixed waste bins without any weight limit restrictions or additional charges based on weight of your waste materials.

However, please note that if hiring our large 12 cubic skip, this can only be filled to 50% with heavy hardfill materials only due to its large capacity. The remaining 50% must be light materials. This is to ensure the bin does not exceed the legal road transport limit of our vehicles and can be collected without a risk of damage to our equipment or public safety. For heavy materials and excavation purposes, the 9 cubic metre bin is the largest capacity available.

All our skip bins except for the 2 cubic bins come with the wheelbarrow access door. The door opens towards the floor and becomes an access ramp allowing you to walk inside the bin or use a wheelbarrow for easily loading. However, the smallest 2 cubic skip bin requires hand loading items over the rim as there is no door on this size skip bin. All the skips are loaded with the door facing the street (door opens towards the street when placed). Let our staff know at the time of booking if you or your contractor require the door to be facing the truck cab (door opens towards the home/property when placed). Relocation fees may apply, where you request the driver to return on site to move the bin around at a later stage.

In most cases we’re able to provide a same day delivery and collection if the service is arranged enough in advance with our bookings team. Any same day delivery/pickup arrangements are subject to your location and our pre-scheduled bookings already in place which can affect our ability to fulfil your request. Please book at least 1-2 days in advance if you wish to have a same day pickup service or discuss with our bookings team to consider any late requests.

Alternatively, we do offer a quick Wait & Load service, whereby our driver can wait on site for a limited period while the skip bin is filled, then remove it immediately.

Our quoted hire fees are all inclusive of GST and cover the complete service which includes:

  • Skip bin hire for up to seven (7) consecutive days
  • Delivery of your skip bin to your required address
  • Collection of your skip bin when requested
  • Waste approved to the rim level of the skip bin only (Fee will apply for overload)
  • Disposal of your waste in accordance with NSW EPA guidelines at a licensed waste facility
  • 1 x Mattress for disposal only (Fee will apply for additional)
  • 1 x Gas Bottle for disposal only (Fee will apply for additional)
  • 2 x Rubber Vehicle Tyres for disposal only (Fee will apply for additional)
  • 10 x Paint Cans for disposal only (Fee will apply for additional)
  • Fuel/Toll expenses (Only if travel surcharge NOT applicable to your location)

Our bins have NO weight restrictions or extra charges for heavy materials.

We deliver Sydney-wide across all local council areas and including suburbs which are not local to our base HQ. A fuel/toll travel surcharge may be applicable to your booking to cover the additional cost of travel currently impacting the transport/logistics industry. If your booking is for an address outside of our standard area of service, then the fuel/toll surcharge will be included in your final quotation.

Any quotes provided online are for the standard cost of hire within our base areas of service. You will be advised at the time of booking if a fuel/travel surcharge applies to your booking location at all.

For all bookings and enquiries, please call 1300 455 633. Alternatively, you can send us an email to noting all your details and one of our friendly staff members will contact you to finalise the booking. Please note that payment is required prior to the bin being despatched.

Payments methods we accept are EFT (Bank Transfer), Pay ID, VISA, MasterCard and Zip Pay. Please be aware that payment is required prior to the delivery of your skip bin. A credit card surcharge of 1% will apply to all credit card transactions.

For same day deliveries we recommend using PAY ID or Credit Card payments which our team can verify instantly so service can commence right away.

Our Payment Methods

We allow our skip bin to be left onsite for up to seven (7) consecutive days for a standard hire period. The hire fee can be amended if you require an extended hire period or a regularly placed bin for your business. Please note that having the skip bin picked up sooner than seven days does not cause a reduction in the hire fee.

If you need to keep the skip bin for a few extra days, please call us on 1300 455 633 to discuss with our team.

For longer periods, extended hire fees of $150 will be required per additional week the bin remains onsite. If you don’t contact our office or fail to communicate/respond to our team when the hire period has expired, extended hire charges will automatically roll into effect each week until contact has been made to confirm the end of the new hire period. Extended hire allows our skip bin to be left onsite for an additional seven (7) consecutive days before either a pickup or further extended charges are required.

Please note that having the skip bin picked up sooner than seven days does not cause a reduction or reimbursement of the extended hire fee.

All of our skip bins clearly state, “Do Not Fill Above Rim”. Skip bins should never be filled above the rim. The skip bin should be loaded carefully and not exceed the rim level to avoid materials falling out while in transit.

It is a serious offence to transport unsecured waste containers which are filled beyond their capacity, and we have a duty of care to ensure the personal safety of our driver, our equipment and general pubic during transport.

Our drivers will not collect any skip bin which has been excessively filled above the rim level to an unsafe height. You will be required to remove the additional waste so it is level with the rim height before the skip can be removed from site. Alternatively, if the bin is overloaded but still able to be safely transported, then an overloaded fee will be required to cover the cost of the additional waste to be disposed of.

Where you have pre-arranged for the disposal of a mattress, the mattress is allowed to sit above the rim only but must be laid flat over the top so our driver can secure it for safe transport.

Liquid, food, and hazardous wastes such as asbestos, poisons, chemicals, paints, oils and toxic waste are strictly not permitted to be placed in our skip bins. Wet cement, concrete slurry or uncured waterproofing liquids are also prohibited.

Additional disposal and cleaning fees will apply in line with the current disposal cost inflations if prohibited items are found in the bin at the time of tipping. A reload fee may also apply if the load is rejected and reloaded at a tipping facility if prohibited materials are found. A truck/equipment cleaning fee will apply to rectify any spillage, cleaning or odours caused if the bin is found to contain any liquid or food waste.

If you have paint cans, gas bottles, synthetic grass, or multiple mattresses to dispose of, please discuss with our staff at the time of booking as the price will be adjusted for the additional cost of removing these items at an approved facility.

Fibro Asbestos and asbestos containing materials are strictly not allowed to be placed in the bin. Reload, cartage and asbestos disposal fees will be payable if the bin is found to contain asbestos at the time of tipping. Once a load is contaminated with asbestos it must be taken to a licensed facility for disposal which has a higher rate of charge based on the weight of the entire bin contents, not just the asbestos. Disposing of asbestos contaminated waste is very costly and non-negotiable, therefore we strongly advise confirming if your fibro materials are asbestos based before placing them inside the skip bin.

If you are unsure whether your waste contains asbestos, please contact our office for assistance prior to loading the skip bin to avoid these costs.

At this stage we’re currently only accepting dry/clean soil without surcharge as this waste type is still accepted by a small minority of resource recovery facilities without additional fees until further notice. However, any wet soil or clay waste of any amount will incur an additional surcharge if placed in the skip bin as it is required to be disposed at a higher tonnage rate instead of a flat cubic rate.

Due to levy increases by the NSW Environment Protection Authority combined with the extreme difficulty and costs involved in the recycling process of wet soil or clay, there are only limited waste facilities still willing to accept this waste even with an imposed higher tonnage rate.

You must notify us at the time of booking if you intend to load any wet clay in the skip bin as the standard hire fee does not cover the extra cost to dispose of this material by tonnage rate. If any wet clay is found in the bin after collection, you will still be required to pay the additional surcharge and any resulting reloading fees if the waste is rejected after tipping.

If you anticipate rain, we recommend covering your skip bin with a tarp or other materials to keep the soil as dry as possible prior to collection. This will prevent the waste from being rejected by the waste facility and extra surcharge.

Ask our friendly team when booking to get the most up to date information and charges regarding wet soil and clay.

No. Asbestos fibro sheeting or other asbestos containing materials are hazardous and are STRICTLY prohibited in our bins. We’re not licensed to accept and dispose of Asbestos materials.

If asbestos is found contained in your skip bin in any form, it will be instantly rejected and incur additional fees which are costly. Reload, cartage and asbestos disposal fees will be payable immediately. Once a load is contaminated with asbestos it must be taken to a licensed facility for disposal which has a higher rate of charge based on the weight of the entire bin contents, not just the asbestos. Disposing of asbestos contaminated waste is very costly and non-negotiable, therefore we strongly advise confirming if your fibro materials are asbestos based before placing them inside the skip bin. Illegal dumping in Sydney is a growing issue and we encourage everyone to be environmentally responsible with their waste management.

As a general rule of thumb, if the house or building pre-dates 1985 then there is likely to be asbestos based materials present in its construction, especially within bathrooms and eaves. Asbestos could be found in the common form of fibro sheeting but also other constructs such as roof tiles, electrical power junction boxes, roof insulation, corrugated roofing, etc.

It’s difficult to determine if you have asbestos unless you get a professional to come out and assess your suspected materials. You can also consider using a sample collection kit, which is then sent to an accredited laboratory who can test and certify the materials results. Simple lab testing kits are easily available, cost effective and results and be provided within a few days.

It is the customers responsibility to determine if the materials being placed in the skip bin contains asbestos prior to loading, and as such, is also responsible for any subsequent fees resulting from asbestos material rejection, handling, and disposal. The customer is also responsible if any tradespersons or contractors place asbestos materials inside the skip bin without their knowledge or consent.

Our team is here to help you, please contact us before loading your skip bin if you’re not sure if you might have asbestos materials.

A Council permit may be required to place bins on council property where access is not available on your own private property. Council property includes the driveway, nature strip, verge and street parking in front of your property. If the bin is being placed on the street, ensure you reserve a free spot for the bin to be placed down without delay when our driver arrives. Please check with your local council regarding street placement as street parking can also have limitations when placed in a metered or time limit parking area, even with a valid permit.

Please note: Council permits must be obtained and provided to us before the skip bin is delivered.

Each local council has different procedures and costs to obtain a skip bin permit. In most cases they will require a fee except for Inner West Council which offer its residents a permit number free of charge for a period of 7 days (permit must be applied for online prior to delivery). Permits can easily be applied for online via the local council’s website and payments can be made directly to them. The permit requirements are set by each council and factors such as duration of the permit and the size of the bin can affect the cost.

Freddy’s Skip Bins are licensed with Burwood Council, Inner West Council, Randwick Council and Woollahra Council. If you reside within Inner West Council you will need to contact them to obtain a permit number which we will require for your booking however, there are no fees to pay as we have covered it (up to 7 days).

Our Council Permits page includes links for permits required at other councils throughout Sydney including Canterbury-Bankstown, Fairfield, Northern Beaches, Bayside and Hills Shire to name a few. Refer to our council permit page here or chat with our team for information on your specific council permit requirements.

It always preferable to meet the driver onsite at the time of delivery to ensure the bin is placed in a suitable location. If you would like the bin relocated to an alternative location, please contact our office to discuss. A call out fee may be required to return to the site for a relocation.

Customers are not permitted to relocate our skip bin from the original placement by our driver staff under any circumstances. This includes pushing or sliding the position on the bin either by hand or with the use of heavy machinery. If our truck cannot pick up the bin safely because it has been relocated without our knowledge, then the customer will be liable for any incurred costs or damages associated with retrieving our bin. This will include any repair costs for damage made to our skip bin during unauthorised relocation without permission.

We do! We offer a placed bin service where you can keep a skip bin on site and have it serviced on an ongoing scheduled basis. The hire and service costs are adjusted in relation to your scheduled service frequency and will keep rolling over until you choose to terminate the placed bin service. Speak to our team about our placed bin service and how we can assist your business needs.

Yes, Freddy’s Skip Bins is full covered, and our current insurance certificate is available for download on our website. You can obtain a copy of the public liability certificate.


It depends on your location and the time of your enquiry. We can often deliver same day but on occasion it may be the next day if you have missed our daily cut off or we’re fully booked.

Unforeseen delays can be a frequent occurrence in the transport/logistics industry. For this reason, we suggest booking at least a day in advance if you will have trades or machinery on site, or any other situation where the skip bin is required on site before a specific date or time. We will do our best to consider your preferred time slot where possible, however, jobs will be allocated based on advanced booking priority, areas of proximity and how our logistics schedule will provide a most efficient outcome to all. Our drivers will provide an estimated arrival notification or call before they begin travelling to your destination. Please make sure an alternative site contact is provided if you’re not available to avoid any call out fees for unsuccessful delivery or significant delays.

Unfortunately, we’re unable to guarantee any specific time of delivery. There are many variables which can our affect arrival time in the transport industry. We will do our best to accommodate to your requests for a delivery time, however, our schedules are arranged in favour of logistics efficiency. Our bookings staff will be able to offer an estimated window of delivery which we aim to adhere to, but we cannot guarantee specific times. The most accurate ETA we can offer will be provided when our driver begins your booking. A text message notification is sent to your mobile which will provide an ETA based on the drivers GPS location. If there are any unforeseen circumstances that may cause significant delays to our service schedule for the day, our team will contact you to provide an update and advise of the new delivery window.

Yes, we do. We deliver 6 days a week Monday – Saturday. However, Saturday is not a full day of trading, so we suggest booking in advance if you require a bin on site early Saturday morning or picked up prior to our daily cut off period. We don’t operate on Sundays, but you can still forward your enquiries or request a quote from our website, and we will respond back when we’re open.

As a general guideline we request that you leave a clearance area of about 4 metres in height and 3 metres in width for problem free unloading. Our trucks are quite large so please ensure there are no sharp bends, overhanging branches or electrical wires restricting access. Our truck dimensions (single axle) are: Width 2.7m x Height 3.0m x Length 7.2m.

If there are any hazards, obstructions, access restrictions or potential risks involved with service when our driver arrives, they may not be able to carry out the service as planned, and you will need to provide an alternative solution.

We have multiple sized trucks which can cater for narrow access areas within reason. We also hold council permits with various councils which can allow us to place the skip on council property where access is not available.

Please discuss any access issues with our friendly staff at the time of booking or feel free to email us a photo of the access and where you would like the bin placed. Photos or enquires can be sent to us at

We service many areas across Sydney and are approved to operate in various local councils. However, for bookings that are located long distances outside our standard zone of service, a fuel/toll travel surcharge will apply. This is required to cover the additional time and expenses incurred with servicing your further location.

Please note that any quotes provided online are only for the standard cost of hire within areas of service which do not include a surcharge. You will be advised at the time of booking if a fuel/travel surcharge applies to your booking location, or you can call us on (02) 9796 3088 to chat with our team who can assist with any enquires prior to booking.

Yes, they can. We offer a Wait & Load service which will allow the driver to wait on site for a set period while you load the skip bin. When you’ve finished loading or have reached your allocated time limit, the driver will then be able remove the bin, leaving the site clear.

Some examples where a Wait & Load service is especially useful include:

  • Situations where you need to keep your driveway clear for parking/deliveries
  • Access to your building worksite must be kept clear
  • The address doesn’t allow for the truck to access the property to place the bin
  • There is only a small amount of waste that can be loaded quickly by hand
  • The skip bin is unable to be left on the street or council property (no permit)
  • There is heavy machinery on site such as an excavator to load the bin very quickly
  • The house is being settled or rented and cannot be left behind

Speak to our friendly team to discuss your needs and arrange a Wait & Load booking.

Unfortunately, we no longer accept physical cash as a form of payment as we have moved to digital ‘cashless and contactless’ payments. All invoices are required to be paid upfront at the time of booking, prior to the delivery taking place. If you have arranged for a direct bank transfer payment (EFT), your booking will remain as tentative and won’t be delivered until the payment has been received. We recommend making a credit/debit card payment at the time of booking to ensure the fastest delivery method possible and to avoid any necessary delays.

Generally not but read our skip bin placement guide for full details. In summary, a Council permit may be required to place bins on council property which includes the nature strip outside your home or private property boundary. Please check with your local council if they will allow the skip bin the be placed on the nature strip. In most cases, local councils will not usually allow this as it may obstruct clearway for pedestrians, emergency vehicles or essential utility maintenance workers. If a permit is granted, it must be provided to us prior to the skip bin delivery. If you require us to place the bin anywhere on council property without a council authorisation, fines may be issued. Please note that any council fines, public damages, or claims which are issued are the sole responsibility of the customer and must be paid. We strongly advise placing the bin inside your private property to avoid unnecessary fines or public concerns.

Yes, if you have obtained the correct council permit prior to delivery. If the bin is being placed on the street, ensure you reserve a free spot for the bin to be placed down without delay when our driver arrives. Please check with your local council regarding street placement as street parking can also have limitations when placed in a metered or time limit parking area, even with a valid permit.

Only if it’s safe to do so, and at your own risk, but we do advise against placing the bins there to avoid property damage. You can check with our team and provide images of the carport/garage so we can determine if it’s possible before booking. Unfortunately, we may be unable to do this if it poses a high risk for damage to both our equipment and your property. But we can try to accommodate as best as we can by getting the bin as close as safely possible.

Please note: If you do instruct our driver to access a difficult area or place the bin in a tight position, such as under a carport, you must understand that we’re not liable for any accidental damage that may occur during service on the property. It’s important that you must ensure the driver has clear and unobstructed access to be able to be able to deliver/collect the skip bin smoothly, including when the bin is being placed on the street. However, our drivers will always follow the correct safety procedures to minimise damage and injury above all else.

When hiring the skip bin and instructing the driver to place the bin inside your property, you must ensure the ground surfaces inside, or any surfaces traversed in the course of service are suitable for our vehicles and equipment. If you have soft grass after a recent rainfall, the heavy truck may leave an imprint if required to drive across. The bottom of the skip bin, which makes contact with the ground, is metal which may leave a mark on some ground surfaces. We suggest placing something to protect your driveway if you’re concerned. Old carpet, rubber mats or some timbers are very effective at protecting your driveway when the skip bin is placed on top.


Please notify our office when your bin is ready for pickup which can be arranged via our dedicated pickup voicemail option when calling our office, by email address or online using our QR code. Once your bin has been reviewed by our bookings team you will receive an email confirmation and the pickup will be scheduled into the next available pickup slot. We will endeavour to pick up your bin as soon as possible once you have lodged your pickup request.

Please be aware our standard turnaround time is between 1-3 working days after confirmation. If you require an urgent pickup, pre-book in advance with this in mind as we cannot guarantee specific pickup timeframes, especially during peak periods.

Yes, we can pick up the skip bin earlier if required. The sooner you notify and confirm with our team the sooner we can arrange a collection in the next available pickup slot.

Please notify our office when your bin is ready for pickup which can be arranged via our dedicated pickup voicemail, email address or online using our QR code method. We will endeavour to pick up your bin as soon as possible once you have lodged your pickup request. Please be aware our standard turnaround time is between 1-3 working days of the pickup request confirmation.

If the skip is overloaded or has excessive items protruding, we will be unable to remove the bin from your property and extra charges for a failed pick-up attempt may be charged.

The driver is personally liable for any damage caused or fines incurred by transporting overloaded bins. Management will decide whether overloaded fees from $150 to $200 are applicable to safely remove/transport the additional waste or if the excess waste is to be removed from the top of the bin and left on site.

If you do not have enough room in your skip bin, you may consider reloading it again or ordering an extra bin for the excess waste.

The majority of the waste collected from our customers is recycled. It is taken to a licensed resource recovery facility whereby up to 80-90% of the materials are separated and recycled into raw materials for reuse. The remainder of the non-recyclable waste is disposed through an approved landfill site in accordance with practices approved by the NSW Environment Protection Authority.

It will be rejected and returned. A reload fee is incurred when a resource recovery facility discovers any prohibited items after tipping and rejects the waste found in your skip bin. The waste is reloaded, and we are required to remove the skip bin from their facility immediately.

If your bin is found to contain any asbestos, liquid or other prohibited waste of any size or form and is rejected, you will be charged the full reload and return cartage fees of $450 inclusive of GST as this additional cost is not factored into your original hire fee. Reload fees are automatically charged upfront by the tipping facility and therefore you will be notified of the reload and issued with an invoice for this shortly after the material is identified.

Following this, the reloaded waste is still your responsibility and will need to be dealt with. Representatives with our team will discuss the options available to you depending on the type of prohibited waste. Simple loads which aren’t hazardous can be returned to you for rectification or we can dispose of it with the additional fees required to do so. Hazardous loads including waste contaminated with asbestos, are more difficult to deal with and are very expensive to dispose of once found.

We strongly advise that customers don’t knowingly violate the terms of hire by placing prohibited items in the skip bin as the resulting fees are not negotiable once found. If you are unsure about which materials are prohibited, please contact our office for assistance prior to loading the skip bin to avoid these costs.

Unfortunately, the customer is responsible for the skip bin from the moment of delivery to the point of collection. This includes any damage made to the skip bin or if it is overloaded above the rim level marker. We accept no responsibility for any unauthorised use or overloading of the bin while in your possession. You must ensure the bin is secure and prevented from being overloaded up until which time we come to collect the bin from the site. We recommend the bin is placed securely inside your private property to prevent misuse. If the skip bin is being placed on the street, we recommend covering the bin overnight until collection to prevent authorised dumping/overloading.

You are responsible to ensure you have a valid permit for your skip bin prior to delivery if the bin is being placed on council property. Any council fines, public damages, or claims which are issued during the period which the bin is placed at your location, are your sole responsibility and must be paid when issued. Sometimes council fines arrive after the bin has been collected. However, you are still responsible for payment of the fines. Council fines are non-negotiable, and the required penalty amount must be paid in full when requested.

Cancellations / Call Outs

Yes, you can. Notify us as soon as possible if you wish to postpone your booking to a new date that is convenient, and we can arrange this. Please notify our office of the new booking date at least 24hrs in advance to avoid any late cancellation fees which may be deducted.

At least 24hrs notice is required to reschedule a delivery/pickup date or for any service cancellations. Any cancellations requested within less than 24hrs may incur a $150 cancellation fee.

A cancellation fee will be charged if you decide to cancel your skip bin after the driver arrives to your address or if the bin is onboard and already in the process of transport. This will also apply to same-day bookings, so we advise you inform us of any changes immediately. If a late cancellation fee is required, any refunds or credits applied will be less this fee.

A call out fee will still apply if you reschedule your delivery to a later time after the driver has already arrived on site. This is required to cover the incurred business and transport costs associated with executing the service without due notice or sudden cancellation whilst in progress.

Advance bookings that are cancelled more than 24 hours will be subject to a $20 admin fee which will be deducted form the original hire fee paid. The balance will be refunded back to the customer to their nominated credit card or bank account.

The call out fee of $150 will be charged for instances where our driver has arrived on site and is unable to complete service due to no site access or obstructions preventing clearway to the skip bin. If the driver needs to leave the site without completing the service as booked, then the call out fee will apply to cover the costs of returning the site again to complete the booked service.

Please ensure the driver has clear access to service the skip bin as required to avoid unnecessary call out fees. This includes pre-arranging any locked gates to be opened, undertaking security sign-in processes, or notifying relevant site contacts or providing secondary contact details prior to our arrival.

If you require a driver called to your site to relocate your bin or any other applicable service outside of the standard hire agreement, this will also incur the call out fee.

Yes, we can. However, a call out fee is required to call out a driver to your site to relocate the bin. We advise that you decide on a suitable position or location for the bin prior to delivery to avoid unnecessary call outs.

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