Our genuine cubic metre skip bin sizes range from 2m3 to 12m3.


We are regularly asked “What size skip bin should I order?“. We know it can be tough estimating the right size so we have provided a useful guide below showing the exact measurements of all of our bins. If you are unsure, go one size higher, it will save you money compared to needed to order an additional skip bin.

2m3 Skip Bin

1.8m Length
1.5m Width
0.9m Height

3m3 Skip Bin

2.6m Length
1.5m Width
1.0m Height

4m3 Skip Bin

3.3m Length
1.5m Width
1.0m Height

5m3 Skip Bin

3.4m Length
1.6m Width
1.2m Height

6m3 Skip Bin

3.7m Length
1.6m Width
1.4m Height

9m3 Skip Bin

4.2m Length
1.6m Width
1.5m Height

12m3 Skip Bin

4.6m Length
1.6m Width
1.8m Height

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2 Cubic Metre Skip Bin

A 2 cubic metre skip bin is an ideal size for various household purposes, such as spring cleaning, yard clean-up, and minor renovations. Spring cleaning can generate a considerable amount of waste, too much to fit into a council bin. A 2 cubic metre skip bin can accommodate this waste and make the cleaning process much more manageable. Cleaning up the yard can also produce a lot of green waste, such as grass clippings, branches, and leaves, which can be disposed of in a 2 cubic metre skip bin. Additionally, if you are planning on doing minor renovations, such as remodelling a small bathroom or kitchen, a 2 cubic metre skip bin can be used to dispose of old tiles, cabinets, and fixtures. Overall, a 2 cubic metre skip bin is a versatile and convenient option for managing waste generated from household projects.

3 Cubic Metre Skip Bin

A 3 cubic metre skip bin is a versatile waste disposal solution commonly utilised for small-scale projects and cleanouts. Its compact size makes it ideal for domestic jobs such as bathrooms, laundry, or other small room renovations, where the generated waste typically includes old fixtures, tiles, plaster, and other construction debris. Moreover, a 3 cubic metre skip bin is the perfect choice for garage and shed cleanouts, as it can easily accommodate discarded household items, garden waste, and old tools, while still fitting conveniently in most driveways or yards.

4 Cubic Metre Skip Bin

A 4 cubic metre skip bin offers a practical waste disposal solution for various medium-scale projects and decluttering endeavours. When moving out of an apartment or small home, it can efficiently accommodate old furniture, whitegoods, and other unwanted items, making the process of relocating significantly more manageable. In addition, a 4 cubic metre skip bin is well-suited for kitchen renovations, as it can hold a considerable amount of construction waste, such as old cabinetry, countertops, and appliances. Furthermore, for landscaping projects, this skip bin size provides ample space for green waste like shrubs, branches, and soil, as well as hardscaping materials such as bricks and pavers.

5 Cubic Metre Skip Bin

A 5 cubic metre skip bin is an excellent waste disposal option for larger-scale residential or small commercial projects. Its increased capacity is ideal for handling larger amounts of waste, such as construction debris from full-room renovations or home extensions, where materials like timber, plaster, and insulation need to be disposed of efficiently. Additionally, a 5 cubic metre skip bin is well-suited for extensive landscaping projects, as it can hold a significant volume of green waste, such as tree trunks, large branches, and soil, along with hardscaping materials like concrete or pavers.

6 Cubic Metre Skip Bin

A 6 cubic metre skip bin provides a robust waste disposal solution for a range of larger projects, both residential and commercial. When moving out of a medium-sized home, this bin size is well-equipped to handle the disposal of bulky items such as furniture, whitegoods, and other household belongings, streamlining the moving process. For mid-sized landscaping projects, a 6 cubic metre skip bin can efficiently accommodate a substantial volume of green waste, like trees, shrubs, and soil, as well as hardscaping materials such as bricks, stones, and concrete. Additionally, in the realm of carpentry, this skip bin is ideal for managing waste generated from tasks like deck construction, fencing, or large-scale woodworking projects, as it can hold significant amounts of timber offcuts, nails, and other related materials.

9 Cubic Metre Skip Bin

A 9 cubic metre skip bin is a great size for projects that produce significant volumes of waste. For multi-room renovations, this larger bin size can effectively handle the disposal of substantial amounts of debris, such as gyprock, flooring, and fixtures, facilitating a well-organised and efficient renovation process. When it comes to roof tile removal, a 9 cubic metre skip bin is perfectly suited for containing large quantities of discarded tiles, underlayment, and other roofing materials. Additionally, for tasks like large tree pruning or removal, this skip bin size can conveniently accommodate vast amounts of green waste, including branches, leaves, and trimmings, promoting an environmentally responsible waste management approach.

12 Cubic Metre Skip Bin

A 12 cubic metre skip bin is a perfect size for larger projects and cleanouts, where vast amounts of waste are generated. For large construction projects, such as home builds or major renovations, this sizeable skip bin can accommodate significant volumes of construction debris, including timber, bricks, and concrete, promoting a safe and organised work site. In the case of deceased estates, a 12 cubic metre skip bin is an invaluable resource for managing the disposal of a wide array of household items, furniture, and personal belongings, simplifying the overwhelming task of property clearance. Additionally, for shop fit-outs or commercial renovations, this skip bin size is ideally suited for handling the waste generated from dismantling old fixtures, partition walls, and flooring, as well as packaging materials from new installations.


Whilst skip bins are measured using cubic metres, we understand this can be hard to visualise so we have provided a comparison table which shows cubic metre sizes against the approx. equivalent number of wheelie bins and 6′ x 4′ box trailers.

Size Approx. Wheelie Bins Approx. Trailers
2 Cubic Metres 8 Wheelie Bins 2 Trailers
3 Cubic Metres 12 Wheelie Bins 3 Trailers
4 Cubic Metres 16 Wheelie Bins 4 Trailers
5 Cubic Metres 20 Wheelie Bins 5 Trailers
6 Cubic Metres 24 Wheelie Bins 6 Trailers
9 Cubic Metres 36 Wheelie Bins 9 Trailers
12 Cubic Metres 48 Wheelie Bins 12 Trailers


Firstly, we guarantee genuine cubic metre sized skip bins. Our huge range includes everything from 2m3 to 12m3, some with wheel barrow and walk in access to make filling up as easy as possible.

Browse our table below which include measurements of all of our skip bin sizes and if you would like some assistance in choosing the best skip bin size for your needs please contact our friendly staff today.

Please note that our skip bins can’t be overloaded, that is, they can’t be filled above the rim. If you manage to fill your bin and have extra rubbish you need to dispose of we can arrange for a changeover of your existing full skip with an empty bin of a size of your choosing.

Skip Bin Sizes

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