Please see below for Freddy’s Skip Bins Terms And Conditions Summary.

  • Payment is required at the time of booking, prior to delivery of the skip bin.

  • Extra charges apply for asbestos items, clay, food & liquid waste as we do not accept these materials.

  • All care is taken, but no responsibility accepted for damage incurred when servicing private properties.

  • Please do not overload bins above the rim limit. Overloaded bins will incur an extra charge.

  • Bins left on site for up to seven (7) consecutive days. Extended hire fees will apply thereafter.

  • Council fines are customers responsibility. Obtaining proper council permits is advised.

  • Should the waste be different to what is advised and quoted, an additional charge may be incurred.

  • Cancellation fee applies if less than 24hrs notice is given. If the delivery is already in progress, then the fee still applies for same-day bookings. A nominal administration fee will apply for all other cancellations.

To read our full terms and conditions click here.

We will do our best to consider your preferred time slot where possible, however, jobs will be allocated based on advanced bookings, areas of proximity and logistics scheduling to provide a most efficient outcome to all.

Please do not contact the office to continually check on the status of your delivery. Unforeseen delays can be a frequent occurrence in the transport industry. Our drivers will provide an estimated arrival notification when they begin travelling to your destination. This is the most accurate arrival time we can provide. We will notify you if your job will be postponed to the next day for any unforeseen reason.

We suggest booking at least a day in advance if you will have trades on site, have settlements or deliveries scheduled for a specific date. Please ensure an alternate site contact can be present in your absence on the scheduled delivery date if you’re not available

**IMPORTANT SOIL CHANGES: We are still able to accept clean soil waste free of charge. However, any excavated clay waste will now incur additional surcharges in line with current disposal cost inflations. Skip bins containing any clay waste are charged on an average tonnage rate enforced by the NSW resource recovery facilities. If you need to excavate or have clay waste to dispose of, please call our office immediately on 1300 455 633 to speak with our team before loading the skip bin.

SKIP BIN SERVICE: Accepting our skip bin hire service means you accept, acknowledge, and are bound by these terms and conditions. Additional terms are found on your invoice.

CANCELLATIONS: At least 24hrs notice is required to reschedule a delivery or for any service cancellations. Any cancellations requested within less than 24hrs may incur a $150 cancellation fee. A cancellation fee will be charged if you decide to cancel your skip bin after the driver arrives to your address or if the bin is onboard and in process of transport to your address. This will also apply to same-day bookings. A call out fee may apply if you reschedule your delivery to a later time after the driver arrives on site. This is required to cover the incurred business and transport costs associated with executing the service without due notice or sudden cancellation whilst in progress. Cancellations with a notification period of more than 24 hours will be subject to a $20 administration fee, which will be deducted from the original hire fee paid. Any remaining funds or credit balance will be refunded back to the customer to their nominated credit card or bank account.

COUNCIL PERMITS: A council permit may be required to place bins outside your property. Council property includes the driveway, nature strip, verge and street parking in front of your property. Please note if you require Freddy’s Skip Bins Pty Ltd to place a skip bin on council property without a permit, the driver will require the customer to sign a Non-Provision Waiver Form (NPF) before they can unload the skip bin. Council fines and incidental fines are the customer’s responsibility throughout the period of hire. This means Freddy’s Skip Bins Pty Ltd will seek payments from the customer even when the skip bin has been removed from the site. If you have a valid council permit, please provide a copy or the permit number so this can be allocated to the booking. Refer to our website or chat with our team for information on specific council permits.

HIRE PERIOD & EXTENDED HIRE FEE: Skip bins are hired for a 1-7 day basis (Unless alternative arrangements have been made with management). If customers require the bin longer than this hire period, then they will be required to pay the extended hire charges. The extended hire fee is $150 for a for an additional 1-7 day extension hire period. Please note that having the skip bin picked up sooner than seven days does not cause a reduction in the extended hire fee. The extended hire charges will also apply if customers prevent/delay the pickup of the skip bin after the hire period has expired. Freddy’s Skip Bins Pty Ltd will make reasonable attempts to contact the customer and issue reminders to verify pickup confirmation when the hire period has expired. The extended hire charge will automatically apply if the customer does not confirm the pickup with Freddy’s Skip Bins Pty Ltd. Extended hire charges will continue to accrue until the customer confirms the bin is ready for collection with Freddy’s Skip Bins Pty Ltd. All outstanding extended hire charges must be paid before the bin can be collected.

FUEL/TOLL SURCHARGE: An additional fuel/toll travel surcharge will apply for bookings that are located outside our standard zone of service. The surcharge will vary depending on the location and distance of the service address. This is required to cover the additional time and expenses incurred with servicing your further location. Any online quotes provided are representative of the standard cost of hire within areas of service which do not include a surcharge. If the surcharge is applicable to a service address, the customer will be informed and appropriately quoted at the time of booking.

DELIVERY SCHEDULING & ARRIVAL TIME: Our daily service schedules are arranged in favour of logistics efficiency, available driver staff, vehicles, and preference to advanced bookings. Freddy’s Skip Bins Pty Ltd is unable to guarantee any specific delivery arrival time. Freddy’s Skip Bins Pty Ltd and its representatives will do it’s best to accommodate customer preferences for a service time. However, there are many variables which can affect arrival times, cause schedule changes or unforeseen service delays in the transport industry. The bookings team will be able note customer delivery time preferences and offer an estimated window of delivery which Freddy’s Skip Bins Pty Ltd will aim to adhere to, but not guarantee it’s accuracy. Any late bookings for same day delivery may be subject to rescheduling with order of preference given to bookings made in advance. Freddy’s Skip Bins Pty Ltd will contact you to provide any updates to your estimated delivery window or advise of a rescheduling as soon as possible.

CALL OUT FEE: A $150 call out fee will be payable where there are unreasonable delays that affect the driver completing the skip bin service (delivery/pickup) including where the driver is unable to contact the customer or site contact by phone. Please ensure the driver has clear access to service the skip bin as required to avoid delays. This includes pre-arranging any locked gates to be opened, undertaking security sign-in processes, or notifying relevant site contacts. If the driver cannot access the site to carry out the skip bin service or access to the skip bin is obstructed, you will be charged the call out fee if the driver needs to leave the site without completing the service (an example of this is where the bin has been relocated or we have to return to the site to pick up a previously overloaded bin). 

EXCESS OVERLOADING: Bins must not be loaded above the rim level at the time of collection. Overloaded fees or reload fees from $150 will be charged if filled above the rim – no exceptions. The driver is personally liable for any damage caused or fines incurred by transporting overloaded bins and has the right to refuse collection. If it is still possible to safely transport the additional waste, management will determine the fee applicable based on the volume of the excess waste above the rim level. If the overloaded bin cannot be safely transported, the excess waste must be immediately removed and left on site. Otherwise, the driver will need to leave the bin on site and a call out fee will be charged.

NO FOOD & LIQUID WASTE: Extra charges will apply if prohibited items are found at the time of tipping. No food waste or loose liquids are to be disposed of inside the skip bin. This includes hazardous or poisonous chemicals which can leak and cause contamination to surrounding materials, the environment, and/or cause injury or harm to others. Loose hazardous chemicals found contained in the skip bin will incur a chemical waste surcharge from $450 to cover additional costs associated with safely disposing of hazardous chemical waste at a licensed facility. A cleaning fee may also apply if any hazardous chemicals spill out onto our vehicle or public roads and require immediate attention.

TRUCK CLEANING FEE: will apply when prohibited liquid waste or hazardous chemicals have been loaded into the skip bin and have leaked out over vehicle, skip bin or onto public roads and require cleaning. A cleaning fee from $150 will be charged to cover the costs associated with rectifying the spillage.

STRICTLY NO FIBRO ASBESTOS: or any other asbestos material is to be loaded into the skip bin. This is a highly dangerous contaminant that must be disposed of by a licensed handler. We are not licensed to dispose of asbestos. If your bin is found to contain any asbestos waste of any size or form, you will be charged the full reload and return cartage fees of $450 automatically. In addition to this fee, we will then be required to either return your contaminated waste back to you in full OR if you require us to dispose of the contaminated waste through a licensed third-party facility on your behalf, you will be required to pay the full asbestos disposal fee which is calculated at $450 per tonne. Disposing of asbestos contaminated waste is very costly and these fees are non-negotiable, therefore we strongly advise confirming if your fibro materials are asbestos based before placing them inside the skip bin.

If you are unsure whether your waste contains asbestos, please contact our office for assistance prior to loading the skip bin to avoid these costs.

ADDITIONAL SURCHARGES: In addition to prohibited materials mentioned above, additional charges also apply for certain waste types which we do accept for disposal. Surcharges strictly apply for any volume of excavated clay waste and synthetic grass materials. Additional charges will also apply for any rubber tyres, mattresses or paint cans which exceed our allowable inclusion limits with standard hire.

GROUND SURFACES: Customers must ensure the ground surfaces inside the property, or any surfaces traversed in the course of service are suitable for our heavy vehicles and equipment. When booking and instructing the driver to place the skip bin inside your property, the customer acknowledges Freddy’s Skip Bins Pty Ltd will not be liable for any damages incurred during service unless resulting from gross negligence. The customer is responsible to ensure the ground surfaces are adequately prepared prior to our arrival and must supply any protective materials to prevent surface damage. It is recommended that customers lay down some timber or rubber matting for the skip bin to be placed on as this is effective for protecting driveway and tile surfaces.

SKIP BIN RELOCATION: Customers are NOT permitted to relocate our skip bin from the original placement by our driver staff under any circumstances. This includes pushing or sliding the position on the bin either by hand or with the use of heavy machinery. If our truck cannot pick up the bin safely because it has been relocated without our knowledge, then the customer will be liable for any incurred costs or damages associated with retrieving our bin.

DAMAGE OR LOSS: The customer is responsible for the skip bin during the hire period. This is identified as the point from which the skip bin is dropped off at the service address, to when the skip bin is collected by our driver. The customer will be charged to rectify any damage or loss caused to the skip bin, and/or additional incurred costs as a result of the customer violating these terms & conditions of hire.

LIABILITY: Freddy’s Skip Bins Pty Ltd accepts no liability for any damage, loss, or injury caused to the customer or their property during the hire period. This includes the loss of any time or costs incurred to the customer resulting from unforeseen service delays or hazardous weather rescheduling by Freddy’s Skip Bins Pty Ltd. The upmost care is taken at all times by Freddy’s Skip Bins Pty Ltd to avoid any incidences of damage, loss, or injury to the customer during the course of service. By engaging the skip bin services offered by Freddy’s Skip Bins Pty Ltd, the customer agrees to these terms & conditions and indemnifies Freddy’s Skip Bins Pty Ltd against any liability for damage, loss, or injury.

SKIP BIN PICKUP: The customer must notify Freddy’s Skip Bins Pty Ltd when their bin is ready for pickup, even when the hire period has ended. This can be arranged by phone via the dedicated pickup voicemail, pickup email address or online using the pickup QR code. Once the pickup request has been reviewed by the bookings team, you will receive an email confirmation and the pickup will be scheduled into the next available pickup slot. We will endeavour to pick up your bin as soon as possible once you have lodged your pickup request. Please be aware the standard pickup turnaround time is between 1-3 working days. The pickup service can take place any time during this period unless pre-arranged or notified otherwise by Freddy’s Skip Bins Pty Ltd. The customer must ensure that there is clear access for the driver to collect the bin unattended or is available on-site to allow access for collection. If you require an urgent pickup by a certain date, pre-book an early pickup with this in mind as we cannot guarantee specific timeframes, especially during peak periods or when there are unforeseen service delays outside of our control.

RUDE OR ABUSIVE BEHAVIOUR: towards any Freddy’s Skip Bins Pty Ltd staff, whether in person, over the phone, or by written communication, will not be tolerated at all under any circumstances. Freddy’s Skip Bins Pty Ltd staff are available to serve customers to the best of their ability and provide the highest level of professional customer service. They have the right to work in a safe and respectful environment, and Freddy’s Skip Bins Pty Ltd expects its customers to treat its representatives with the same level of respect that they themselves would like to receive. Customers must refrain from using abusive language, making personal attacks, threats or engaging in any other kind of behaviour that may be deemed disrespectful towards staff. If such behaviour is observed or reported, Freddy’s Skip Bins Pty Ltd reserves the right to terminate or refuse further service to the offending customer and take appropriate action to ensure the safety of its staff members. Freddy’s Skip Bins Pty Ltd has a duty of care to ensure the safety of its staff and any violent threats towards them will be reported to the authorities.


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